The Beginning of “UUs: Youth and Faith”

Yeay! We got a grant!

So, this whole process of creating a documentary began when the idea of organizing a large youth leadership trip to Phoenix, Arizona for the Unitarian Universalist’s General Assembly. This was one of the many fundraising ideas that came up during our brainstorming session with youth about how do we get potentially 15 teens to Phoenix, and where do we house them?

I was approached by Libby and Olivia about maybe doing a youth documentary about UU youth and explore themes like how they connect with social justice and how they feel like they belong as youth in a UU communities. My role as an advisor became to explore how to get funding, apply for funding and get equipment.

We applied to the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Office of Youth and Young Adults for a $2,000 grant. we worked on the different components of why this documentary, how it will benefit the larger community and what steps will be taking to make this happen. I wrote up the game plan, which included a budget & proposal (check earlier post about the game plan). Well we got the grant! I received a letter detailing we got a partial $1,000 for us to spend on equipment, website domains and travel. Wahoo!

Another grant that we applied for was through the General Assembly’s planning committee itself. We thought some cool ways to connect the documentary would be to apply to show it at the General Assembly- which we found out also offers funding! We found out from that we got $700 in funds! 🙂 Woo hoo.

So those expenses cover the costs of registration and travel for Libby/Olivia. Now we’re getting down to the planning of the actual travel to get us filming. We’re going to NYC, NJ and Boston to interview diverse youth!!!!!!!



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