Why I decided to create this blog?

Hi Yah!

I can just see my friends and family thinking- another blog Sana aka @BBADWOMAN? But, I think a blog about interfaith youth work would be a blog many people who know me would already expect me to have, as I’ve been working in the interfaith youth field since I began college and then since I began my career in 2007 (and I’m a naive crazy multi-tasker!).

because I’m classy like that….

It’s going to be different from my http://www.travelbbad.com blog (which is still going through ‘renovations’), in that I’m going to try to connect everything on here to my interfaith work. Plus, blame wordpress for creating such a freggin’ awesome template that yanked me in!

My personal goals for this blog:

  • My overall goal is to create a regular schedule to update this blog every week, highlighting interesting interfaith news pieces concerning youth, but also about some of the projects I’m working on with youth.
  • I want to also use this blog site as a communication tool to be a “how to do” interfaith youth work. More specifically how to organize interfaith youth service trips, tips on engaging youth and pointing out resources available to youth to start projects in their community.
  • I’ll update about conferences I’ll be presenting at throughout the year
  • I’ll be updating you guys about the writing projects I’m working on, (1. Anti-Racism Curriculum for High-School Youth (co-authoring) and 2. a book project I’m beginning this summer on Religious Educators)
  • I’ll post articles about to interfaith activism and youth
  • I’ll post about interfaith issues domestically and internationally
  • And as usual….if you know me, expect some random posts about things that are way too cool that I have to share it with EVERYONE.

What do you think?

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