Interfaith Tango Workshop

The North America Interfaith Network (NAIN) 2012 in Atlanta, began with a bang! Tayyibah Taylor, editor of Azizah Magazine for Muslim women was an engaging keynote speaker to open the conference. She spoke on connecting interfaith partners through compassion and understanding, moving beyond irrational fears of “interfaith dialogue” as a tool of proselytizing people. The opening celebration went on to introduce an innovative workshop and ‘entertainment’ using dance- or as the workshop was called, Interfaith Tango. Daniel Shorr, Executive Director of Building Understanding (BUDS), and an instructor of Argentine Tango, shared his philosophy of dance as an ice-breaker between people of all faiths. Keep your eye out for the video of the workshop and more in the upcoming days!


2 responses to “Interfaith Tango Workshop

  1. Thanks for capturing this great shot of our pre-workshop performance.

    Also, it was fascinating and inspiring to hear from you and the rest of the youth leaders panel – gives me strength!

  2. Thanks Daniel! I would love to interview for this blog, to get a deeper understanding of how you connect to Tango & Interfaith work….also how youth can utilize some lessons learned from your work! 🙂 Let me know if you’re interested!

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