So, What Happened at ISNA 2012?

Here’s a roundup of the long Islamic Society of North America’s 2012 Convention in Washington, DC- which attracted several thousand Muslims and non-Muslims. I was lucky enough to be there as an exhibitor for the Interfaith Alliance.

  1. Karen Armstrong, Keith Ellison, Asst. Atty. Gen. Perez, Rabbi Saperstein, & Cardinal McCarrick were amongst the high-profile speakers in attendance in support of interfaith partnership!
  2. KarenAnchorite
    ISNA, largest Muslim organization in N America, affirms the CfC at its huge Annual Convention
    Tue, Sep 04 2012 10:22:36
  3. HijabiTopia
    With Tayyibah Taylor the editor of @azizahmagazine and @NajeebaSyeed
    @ISNAHQ reception.#49isnadc

    Sat, Sep 01 2012 05:48:10
  4. mitchellrivard
    AAG for @CivilRights Thomas Perez: “We are a nation built on the principles of religious freedom.” #49ISNADC
    Sat, Sep 01 2012 18:39:48
  5. faithinactiondc
    Thanks to @ISNAHQ for honoring @InterFaithIFC with its Interfaith Unity Award! Hope everyone had a great time in DC for #49isnaDC !
    Mon, Sep 03 2012 13:03:38
  6. TheISPU
    Our panel at #49ISNADC featuring ISPU scholars @ErikLove Asma Uddin of @AltMuslimah , E. Abdelkader , Ihsan Bagby
    Sun, Sep 02 2012 09:17:51
  7. The bazaar was amazing as usual, the merchants created an ambiance of being in a market in the Middle East or South Asia.
  8. BBADWoman
    Holy Rickshaw! How’d they get that in the convention center? #49isnadc
    Fri, Aug 31 2012 09:28:49
  9. sumyasalem
    “@iiiispy: Still not over this amazing painting at the bazaar. It was only $700… #49isnadc” that is beautiful mA
    Mon, Sep 03 2012 19:26:04
  10. YouthLEADD
    Sitting nxt to a Muslim beekeeper- halal honey?! Awesome! Check out his bees @ISNAHQ #49isnadc
    Sat, Sep 01 2012 09:16:46
  11. Halal FOOD!
  12. zabihah
    Last night of #49ISNADC!. Halal Food Court closed @ISNAHQ? 75 Halal Restaurants and 13 Mosques near all the action:
    Sun, Sep 02 2012 15:36:13
  13. Lessons learned by ISNA Tweeters
  14. lolaali998
    RT @CyrusMcGoldrick: “Jihad is not the way to war, but the struggle for inner and collective peace.” -Prof Ramadan #isna2012 #49isnadc
    Sun, Sep 02 2012 14:55:15
  15. aliyaplatif
    We don’t need u 2 repeat after teachers. That makes u a parrot not a student. B courageous. B critical. – @TariqRamadan #isna2012 #49isnadc
    Sat, Sep 01 2012 16:43:30
  16. YAmericanMuslim
    It is a myth that only a #Muslim man can call for a divorce. Muslim women can as well – even if its just bc she can’t stand him. #49isnadc
    Sun, Sep 02 2012 14:35:04
  17. GarrisonDoreck
    RT @anummedia: “The single most important thing for our community is education.” -Hamza Yusuf at #49ISNADC
    Sat, Sep 01 2012 21:10:38
  18. kamalfizazi
    Good news: #49isnadc India Muslims help save a river holy to Hindus: #interfaith #Islam #Hinduism #environment #water
    Sun, Sep 02 2012 12:35:44
  19. anummedia
    “You are culturally American. Celebrate this.” -Tariq Ramadan at #49ISNADC
    Sat, Sep 01 2012 16:09:26
  20. boushraaghil
    RT @anummedia: “The world is not suffering because of the violence of the bad people, but the silence of the good people.” #49ISNADC
    Sat, Sep 01 2012 14:07:33
  21. aliyaplatif
    63% of people choose their religion during college years. #isna2012 #49isnadc
    Sat, Sep 01 2012 13:44:03
  22. Great entertainment through out the convention- one highlight Native Deen!
  23. Hessa_Turkey
    “@HijabiTopia: Listening to @NativeTweets @ISNAHQWahooo!!!


    Mon, Sep 03 2012 06:19:36
  24. The ISNA Convention for many ended on a hopeful note and people left with new friendships.
  25. anummedia
    Just heard the national anthem sung at #49ISNADC. Wonderful to see a congregation of Muslims celebrating their patriotism. #AmericanMuslim
    Sun, Sep 02 2012 18:47:06
  26. TheMessageuk
    Incredible memories of #49ISNADC. @TheMessageuk would like to thank organisers,volunteers &speakers. #oneummah
    Mon, Sep 03 2012 03:50:56
  27. BBADWoman
    Made a new friend @ISNAHQ conv. he likes the @intrfthalliance No Religious Discrimination sticker! #49ISNADC #youth
    Fri, Aug 31 2012 09:12:19
  28. hoodluminhijab
    met some wonderful people at #49isnadc #isna2012 this year. pastry chef, fellow female masjid board member, and more. love it.
    Tue, Sep 04 2012 09:09:38
  29. PPS: Didn’t attend it but heard about the matrimonial events occurring at ISNA complementing the larger convention!
  30. How was your experience at ISNA?

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