Call for Submissions: Totally Radical Muslims

re-blogged from Totally Radical Muslims. Think about applying, share and pass on the word! They especially want to hear from youth.

CALLING SUBMISSIONS, Volume 2: “Karbala Fired Resistance Stories”

the first zine was about being heard and speaking up.  broadly proclaiming our experiences, bitchin really, about islamophobia and doing it with humor, art, poetry and our second edition, we’ll focus our attention on stories of resistance and resilience.  the title of the second zine is “Karbala Fired Resistance Stories”.  we hope to print by spring 2013.

inspired by the yearly traditions of muharram and the stories of karbala which exemplify social justice, resistance to oppression, courage to change and strong solidarity, our second zine will show the strengths of our backs and the power of a determined heart.  

we invite submissions that show: your own process and struggle; how you have overcome adversity; ways you have healed; and stories that hold meaning to your inspired work.  

we encourage you to draw upon social justice movement history that inspires you, spiritual practices that energize you, community resources that stabilize you, and a political grounding that visions you. 

Expectations and Values

expectations we have and values we want upheld in submissions:* intersectional and anti-oppression lens (this is not the time to play oppression olympics, folks)

* speak your truths, take care of your safety, be creative (pseudo names are useful, if needed)

* work towards community building and breaking isolation

* our stories are colored within a context of islamophobia – air your laundry, and be mindful of how the piece will be read

* islamophobia falls within a continuum of oppression, honor the histories of other oppressed peoples


we do not edit your work.  this is our commitment to honoring individual voice and storytelling.  we are however, discerning in maintaining a political frame and may decide that your piece does not fit within our projects vision and intent* all submissions must be UNDER 1000 words

* art pieces need to be formatted to fit 5.5 x 8.5 (standard sheet of paper folded

* blog posts can be audio/video files* we especially welcome submissions from voices often left out of discourse: queer and trans, black, youth, disabled, shia (bohri, ismaili, ithna-asheri) ahmadi,  poor and working class muslims

* submissions must be received by THURSDAY NOVEMBER 15, 2012

submit your pieces to: islamophobia [dot] zine [at] gmail [dot] com


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