101 Things to be Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!
Many cultures and religions from around the world have their own celebrations. Japan, Grenada, Korea, Liberia, Germany, and the Netherlands celebrate their own versions of Thanksgiving  around roughly the same time. Regardless of what background you come from, this holiday is a perfect way to reflect upon the past year.
It’s the one day in the year dedicated to giving thanks, and although you should be grateful on all the other 364 days of the year, today is the day in which you should be ultimately vocal about it. Muse about the past year. What have you gained? What have you lost? What has gone right? What has gone wrong? Be thankful for all the good graces you have received.  Be thankful for all the difficult situations you have gone through, but learned from anyways.

Can’t think of anything? Maybe you need a little help. Below are 101 to be thankful for.

1. Being alive and being given a chance
2. Your dog for keeping you company through the tough times, for listening to you weep and gush about all the little things, and for always being ready to play at the most inopportune moments.
3. Looking so utterly smashing today.
4. Your car keys. They didn’t get lost today.
5. The sun for rising each and everyday. (Unless you live on the poles)
6. The stars for being there even behind the clouds.
7. Your very good math teacher.
8. Your siblings. They may be the bane of your existence but they’re worth your everything.
9. Blankets for keeping you warm.
10. Candles for giving you light, hope, and warmth.
11. Gravity. Where would you be without that constant 9.8 m/s2 ? You could say gravity is your one constant companion. Well gravity and number 12.
12. Air. That wonderful mixture of nitrogen, oxygen, argon, water vapor, carbon dioxide, and other trace gases that fills your lungs with every breath.
13. Your bomb shelter. It just saved your life.
14. Your immune system for working so hard each and every day to keep you healthy.
15. Electricity for allowing you to read this blog post, make your coffee, check your email, watch television, listen to music, go on facebook, and so much more.
16. Your grandkids. They just make your day everyday.
17. Your grandparents – if you’re a grandkid and don’t have any grandkids for yourself.
18. Books. They smell good and they house such marvelous worlds for you to escape in. They can give you new recipes, ways to confront your fears, provide entertainment, and of course SAT vocabulary words.
19. The girl who made you feel welcome at your new school.
20. That one song with the lyrics that seem to perfectly match your life.
21. Your legs that allow you to walk, run, dance, and skip. Or your prosthetic that has allowed you to get back onto your feet.
22. The muscles in your body that you probably forget about: your diaphragm, those muscles in your eyelids, the ones that let your pinky stick out when you’re drinking tea with the Queen of England.
23. Words for allowing you to express yourself, to communicate with others, perhaps cause worldwide change, share your ideas with an auditorium full of people and ,of course, sing in the shower.
24. The pictures that one of your family members draws for a living (which you’re insanely jealous of).
25. Your kindergarten teacher who taught you how to be yourself.
26. Obama, or if not, the fact that we live in a democracy.
27. The phone call that changed your life – in a good way.
28. The first amendment of the American Bill of Rights. ‘nough said.
29. Toothpaste. It keeps your teeth clean, and your smile oh so beautiful.
30. Footnotes*
31. Your best friend who does everything with you: listens to all your complaints about the world, argues about life, gets into trouble with you, loves you through thick and thin.
32. Infinity. We are infinite.
33. The little bunny you pass everyday on your walk to school.
34. Staplers that work.
35. Getting over your addiction. You tried and you succeeded. I have the utmost respect for you.
36. Finally getting over the person you’ve had a crush on since middle school.
37. Those times when you just let yourself go and have more fun than you ever thought you could have.
38. Mystery whether religious or not, the mystery of how the world came to be and all the unexplainable that is left to explain makes life all the more interesting.
39. That day when that letter came in the mail and you knew everything was going to be ok.
40. The job that allows you to sustain your family, whether you love it or not.
41. Your father for remembering the WiFi password, being there for you, making that wonderful 4th of July barbecue, and fighting for you life.
42. ← That number right there. The answer to life, the universe, and everything.
43. Your group of closest friends that makes you laugh so hard you fall straight off your feet.
44. The endless possibilities the future may bring.
45. The hospital that saved your life, your sister’s life, your best friends life, and your husbands life.
46. The best soy latte you ever had.
47. That day you didn’t have to do anything and it was beautiful.
48. Garbage collectors and exterminators for all the dirty work they do so you don’t have to.
49. The right to a fair and speedy trial.
50.  Facebook because you just can’t live without it, unless you do (see 60)
51. Opposable thumbs. How else could you type and explore the interwebs?
52. Sunshine for being there and making you smile.
53. Evolution for making you a Homo sapiens today and not a Homo habilis.
54. The trampoline that caught you as you fell from that building.
55. Your cat because that purr makes you feel so appreciated.
56. That little pill called Plan B that saved you from a future of consequence.
57.  Red Cross for saving so many lives.
58.  Love for loving you and for letting you love the world. For being there even when you thought it was gone for good.
59. That friend who picked you up off the concrete, dusted you off, and gave you a smile.
60. For living without Facebook. You just saved thousands of hours of your life.
61. Your wonderful boyfriend for treating you like the most beautiful person on the planet.
62. Exotic accents that just make you weak at the knees.
63. Beauty for inspiring you in all areas of life.
64. That sound eggs make when they crack for reminding you how fragile life is.
65. Your wife for her woman-power and being such a leader in the world place.
66. Small adorable creatures that put a smile on your face regardless of what mood you’re in.
67. Friction for allowing you to walk, hold things, and scale walls.
68. That laugh that bubbled from your chest when you realized that you can decide your own path in life.
69. Socks for keeping your feet warm.
70. The moon for the ebb and flow of the tides.
71. Cars, airplanes, buses, trains, and any other forms of transportation for helping your explore the world.
72. Me. Whoever that me may be.
73. Snowflakes and the feeling when they melt right on your tongue.
74. The invention of chocolate.
75.Your loving girlfriend who can read your thoughts  and is your perfect other half.
76. Your culture that provides you with recipes, community, and traditions.
77. Those songs that don’t have words.
78. People who understand you and accept you for who you are.
79. That poem she wrote for you and left on your desk, knowing that you were having a bad day and needed some cheering up.
80. Soap for keeping you squeaky clean.
81. Space travel because it’s oh so cool.
82. Your neurons for allowing you to think.
83. The freedom to say yes and no, to make your own decisions.
84. That guilty pleasure novel you’d never let anyone know you like.
85. Cold nights holding warm cocoa snuggled up watching your favorite movie.
86. Your husband for his knack for crummy knock-knock jokes that get you every time.
87. Your amazing heart for pumping 2,000 gallons of blood every day.
88. Conflict-resolution.
89. Humor for cheering you up when the times are hard.
90. The times when you feel lonely and you learn how to deal.
91. Justice for setting things right.
92. That massage he/she gave you that just made you so relaxed.
93. The changing seasons for providing so much variety in life.
94. Gay marriage because we are all equal and deserve to be treated as such.
95.  Vaccines for making the world just a bit safer.
96. Eyes, ears, mouth, and skin for allowing you to sense the world and all the wonders within it.
97. Yoga for allowing you to respect the you that resides within you.
98. Rainbows and the infinite amount of colors they house within them.
99. Anything that has made you who you are today.
100. Taking the time to give thanks.
101. And if I haven’t covered everything: the universe, and everything in it for just being.

*Because they’re cool.

Special thanks to my best friend Becky Hill for certain additions throughout.

What are you thankful for? How your Thanksgiving unique?


2 responses to “101 Things to be Thankful For

  1. Sofia, I think you covered everything I would be grateful for….especially “81. Space travel because it’s oh so cool.” and “69. Socks for keeping your feet warm.” 🙂

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