Write #4Rights: Amnesty International

Yesterday, Amnesty International began their annual Write #4Rights campaign. It’s a letter writing campaign to advocate on behalf of prisoners of conscience and in some cases mailing the letters to the prisoners themselves.

“For 50 years, Amnesty International’s human rights campaigns have been instrumental in obtaining freedom for prisoners of conscience worldwide through pressure from letters, faxes, and e-mails written by activists. Tens of thousands of individuals have been released from jail, rescued from torture or aided in other ways following action by Amnesty International.”

Everyone is welcome to join in this letter writing campaign! The event goes on from Dec 5th to Dec 16th.

The Interfaith Youth Activist bloggers pledged to write letters for this campaign! We will be writing letters weekly and posting them online for you to read (and hopefully inspire you to write), as well as, mailing them out. Join us in writing letters! Take a peek at the list of cases to write letters on here.

Ways that you can help

Pick Up the Pen
Visit our Cases page to download full case details to help you write letters and learn about other ways to take action for individual cases.

Spread the Word
Tell your friends that you’re joining Write #4Rights – RSVP on Facebook. After you’ve written your letters, share this image and tell the world that you wrote letters to protect human rights!

Connect with Others
Looking to organize or attend a Write #4Rights event with your fellow activists? Download our Action Guide as a first step and check out our Events page for the latest activities in your area! If you checked the box asking for a Field Organizer to contact you with more details, we’ll be in touch shortly. Feel free to contact writeathon@aiusa.org with any questions you may have.

Act Now Online
You can always take action online for other Write #4Rights cases, including Nabeel Rajab in Bahrain and Pussy Riot in Russia on the Take Action Now page.

Leave a comment below if you’re willing to write a letter!


2 responses to “Write #4Rights: Amnesty International

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