Mission of this blog:

Launched in June 2012, IYA aims to empower youth bloggers from diverse faith and non-faith backgrounds to explore current affairs, national & international issues, music, art etc…through an interfaith lens. This unique blog platform invests in youth bloggers ages 13-18 to connect with their community through interfaith engagement, dialogue, and service projects, which leads to a broader interfaith understanding beyond the virtual site. IYA also welcomes guest posts from young adults ages 18-35!

IYA was founded by Sana Saeed, a young adult and interfaith professional in Washington DC- and initially intended to be a platform for her to share her projects/trainings working with youth in interfaith engagement across the U.S. After hearing from youth, she realized that there isn’t a virtual platform providing space for the voices of youth on issues happening in their communities or nationally solely from an interfaith perspective. Hence, IYA morphed into a platform for interfaith youth voices, after Saeed received funding to engage youth bloggers 13-18 on the blog.

Goals of the blog:

  • The Interfaith Youth Activist blog will showcase youth and young adults of diverse faith backgrounds as well as secular identities.
  • IYA will aim to be a on-going virtual interfaith space for global youth and young adult voices.
  • IYA will continue to feature and highlight Saeed’s work to connect youth (teens to young adults) in the interfaith movement.
  • The IYA blog will be a venue where those who may be underrepresented in the interfaith field may offer their voice, including but not limited to: people of color, various sexual orientations, and those without labels (nones).

Format of Blog:

IYA blog will feature weekly and daily posts, videos, art etc…by Sana Saeed, selected Youth Bloggers and Guest Young Adult Authors.

Why do we pay our youth bloggers ages 13-18?

We understand the need to invest in youth economically. Youth today are burdened with many extra-curricular activities, service projects, and volunteer work- while all of these components are important for youth experiences; IYA understands that youth should be given ownership & responsibility in a paid capacity for their unique/creative contributions to this blog.

Topics/Areas IYA will explore (this list isn’t set in stone):

  • Current news on religious liberty, religious freedom, misuse of politics in the news or elections
  • Youth development
  • Youth culture
  • Youth entrepreneurship
  • Spirituality or personal experiences with faith or non-faith (e.g.: Journey of an Atheist Interfaith Activist)
  • Youth leadership
  • Interfaith events happening locally and nationally
  • Climate change (water rights, sustainable energy use, solar power, etc…)
  • Human rights issues in the U.S. & around the world
  • Social justice from an interfaith lens (example stuff like anti-racism, immigration rights, affordable housing, anti-discrimination etc…)
  • Women’s issues
  • LGBT youth
  • Highlighting off the beaten path topics like comic books, music, art etc…
  • Pitch us a topic you’d like to focus on!


Everything Sana Saeed, youth and others write about on this blog are our own personal opinions and have nothing what-so-ever to do with any of the organizations we work with or represent.


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