IYA Youth Bloggers

IYA is excited to announce our Youth Bloggers. IYA Youth Bloggers are high-school students, between the ages of 13 – 18, who are interested in interfaith activism and will be contributing weekly posts on various topics to IYA. They’ve all gone through a selection process including interviews before being invited to blog on IYA.

Chance Cochran

Chance is currently a student at Yorktown High School.  He is a member of the youth group at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington in Arlington, VA. When not involved local activism or working on his studies, Chance spends his time split between playing for the reigning state champion Ultimate team and running for the county champion Cross Country team.

Sofia Braunstein

Sofia lives in Silicon Valley where she is a junior in high school. She is a member of the Teen Interfaith Council of Santa Clara County, and is working to improve her community as best she can. In her free time, she can be found singing, playing tennis, writing, complaining about her busy schedule, and smiling. Sofia hopes to travel the entire world one day and meet millions of new people, and out of that experience create a world-wide community. You can follow her on Twitter @somira26.

Sunia Young

Sunia Young and I am fourteen years old and in the ninth grade. I moved to Baltimore, Maryland at the end of December in 2011 from Atlanta Georgia. I was born in Afghanistan in the city of Mazar-e-Shariff. I speak Farsi, which is the national language of Afghanistan, English, and a little bit of Spanish. I love playing and watching soccer. I also like playing guitar, and I hope to get really good at playing it. I also like reading books like Harry Potter, Twilight, the Game of Thrones, and more.

Richelle Perry

Richelle is a seventeen year old high school senior who lives in the American Midwest. She likes cats, social justice, Doctor Who, and politics. She is a Unitarian Universalist and a feminist. Richelle is excited to work and connect with youth from all over the world. You can follow her on Twitter @playpirates.

Bron Pedulla-Smith

bronBron is in the class of 2016 at WT Woodson High School in Fairfax, Virginia. His previous professional positions in the blogosphere have included working on Windows8Update.com which was a blog completely devoted to covering the developmental progress of Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 8. Bron is very liberal and is also very interested in writing about various topics from an interfaith perspective. You can follow him on Twitter @bronpeds.


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