Write #4Rights: Amnesty International

The Interfaith Youth Activist bloggers pledged to write letters for the Write #4Rights campaign! We will be writing letters weekly and posting them online for you to read (and hopefully inspire you to write), as well as, mailing them out. Join us in writing letters!

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Meet Sofia, an IYA Youth Blogger!

I believe (as many others do) that as youth, we hold the power to transform the world while maintaining its vital, human essence. Many of my friends and classmates do not feel the need to talk about religion, much less moral issues; in fact, my school does not favor the discussion of religion or politics as such ideas are classified as controversial.

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Journey of an Atheist Interfaith Activist!

As a Filipino-American, I was raised and culturally identify with Catholicism. Having grown up in Arizona, Guam and the Philippines — Christianity was the religion I was surrounded by and became intimately familiar with. Though a non-believer from an early age, I was curious about other faith traditions. So I declared Religious Studies my major in college and went on to study Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Judaism and so forth.

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