The Controversy behind a Muslim Girl Rock Band

Recently, three Muslim teenage girls from India–Aneeqa Khalid, Noma Nazir, and Farah Deeba–started a rock band called Praagaash, which means “from darkness to light.” They were the only female band in the national Battle of the Bands in the Kashmiri capital of Srinagar this past December. The band quickly received a lot of attention, but soon afterwards, their situation took a turn to the worse.

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Bellysatva: An Interfaith Journey Discovering Yoga

Even though her spiritual orientation was very different from my own – she devoted her life to the worship of the Hindu deity Krishna and I am a Muslim (and a secular one at that), but I was magnetically drawn to how she very practically invited in the presence of the divine in her everyday life through a disciplined devotional practice.

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