Announcing the 2013 National Youth Justice Training!

I’m incredibly excited to serve as an alumni consultant during the development of this year’s National Youth Justice Training, and can’t wait to see program come to fruition in the following months. This transformative three-week social justice training for high-school youth offers interactive social justice education and real-world internships.

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How to Improve the World Your Way

Around the world and within the US, human sex-trafficking is occurring. There are as many as 27 million slaves in the world. 200,000 are American children. We have those who suffer from poverty, unfairly neglected by the government and unable to receive minimal housing, food, and education. Those who suffer from ailments not covered under their health benefits.

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Interfaith Activism and UU Identity – My Journey

It seems to me that all too often, policies which in reality limit religious liberty are sold to the populous on the grounds of “freedom of religion” and voted or signed in to law without much more thought. In a state where, according to the 2008 American Religious Identification Survey, only 3% of the population is a part of a religion other than Christianity (fourteen percent identify as Nones and five percent refused to answer the survey), campaign rhetoric often focuses on which candidate is a “better” Christian, and doesn’t say much about policy.

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